Dec 6, 2013

Lingering Holiday Moments

As we bake cookies, have  a glass of cheer, watch Christmas movies, and visit with loved ones we are taken back to a time and space when all was possible, all was right. My parents created a special holiday atmosphere full of warmth, good food, music and moments of love. I do not remember a Christmas that didn't feel this way until I was much older. Thank you mom and dad.
As we enter the world of adults I am painfully aware of the people who are not in this environment, who worry this time of year, who are very lonely and in need of human touch, words, some sense of dignity. Perhaps this is why the season is here, to gently remind us to look outwards, take time to reflect, and then act.
We are all one family, one unit, one circle under the sun.
Love to you all today,
Blessings of gratitude for you in my life.

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