Feb 23, 2015

Enya Says...

Today is the first time Annie has given me liberty to express myself in print on this trip. It’s been a long time coming but it usually takes her awhile before she’s settled in enough before she lets me use her laptop. 

For starters, I like it here. I thought there were a lot of my kind in Missoula, but let me tell you, it’s nothing like here at the Port. Furthermore, there’s much more diversity here if you get my bark. All of us seem to get along when we’re walking the beach except for that one day when another Bostie named George was following me. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a adolescent male. However, manners are generally good with no excessive sniffing, and the people my friends have in tow seem to be content. I know because content gives off a really good odor and I can smell it. Sometimes when we’re on the beach, there are entire clouds of contentment.  More humans should come here.

Annie says my breath smells like the ocean. I don’t know how this is possible since I don’t drink the water. Maybe the basic stuff of the ocean seeps up through my paws?  Not important to me as it’s just the way I am.

I’m learning new vocabulary here in the Port. I don’t want to show off my gift for language, but I know the scientific words for “turtle,” “dolphin,” and “stumbling people on the beach.” I like learning new words and when I get back to the Bitterroot I’m going to share some of my new words with my friends. Hopefully, it will help them understand the new and wonderful places on our earth.

It’s time for me to “load er up,” which means we’re going for a ride to someplace new…yay, er, ruff ruff. I’ll  write again when I’m not so busy.

Be happy and keep your sniffer going.


Bostie Terrierj

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