Feb 7, 2015

Rambling thoughts on Adversity

Adversity... definition: misfortune, troubles, difficulties, etc.   How one deals with adversities sets a stage for life's next act. I have often times cried my heart out and them promptly move on. When I say cried my eyes out, I literally mean cry my eyes out until my heart and soul are clear and can move on. As I drove into Corpus Christi this morning I looked for the pink flamingos and the beautiful white egrets.... and thus there they were. Fisherman were on all sides of them in the inland outlets. Extremely beautiful and poetic. I love watching the people fish with their backs set to the ocean breeze, their faces to the sun, pure enjoyment from all around them. I so want to bring my family down here to romp and play near the ocean inlets.
How does this coincide with adversity one might ask? The birds, the fishermen. the water itself all face great adversity in life. Pending weather, changing seasons, human interference (such as trash and pollution to name a few) all serve to be adversities to overcome. Simply put one must do the best you can. Gratitude's, thank yous, blessings for all we have in our life... this is so important. Trace and I get up in the morning and start the day with blessings and a great cup of coffee ... it sets the tone, a melody of which there is no denying. It simply gives us wings like these great birds before us. Who knows what the catch of the day will be.
This morning as I drove I heard a new song by Jason Mraz  "Three Things". It is simply brilliant and sums up how we feel. I have included the lyrics and site to listen to it if you are so inclined. Love to all. Annie                                                                                                                                                                      http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jasonmraz/3things.html

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