Feb 14, 2015

Latest Happenings around Padre Island & CorpusChristi

Back on track, after a busy two weeks. It is pupping time for the bottle nose dolphins ( February and March). We keep up on a local blog by Tony Amos, UTMSI (University of Texas Marine Science Institute) research fellow & director of ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep). That was a mouthful. Tony is a wealth of information, don't you love that saying :)
There is a percentage of pups that are still born, separated from their mother or victims of predators. Some carcasses wash ashore. Revealing they are neonates: there are no teeth, curled up uterus, folded fins, and tongues adapted for feeding upon mom's teats. Fascinating facts  about these young babies.
Last week over 200 green sea turtles were released from rehabilitation. They were rehabilitated at ARK with great success. Anyone can volunteer which is simply amazing in my book. You can volunteer for several days, one day, one hour. Over 30 vehicles transported the turtles to Padre Island National Seashore.
On a recycling note Corpus Christi has a nonprofit that is offering education and rain barrels to the public for a discounted price. The project is called "Catch a Drop". Citizens can purchase rain barrels which are subsidized and offered to the city's water customers at discount. Conserving precious water resources and protecting water quality is an important step. Rain barrels are an inexpensive proven option that make a difference in the backyard. Three components 1. conserve water  2. prevent water pollution   3. reduce sedimentation  in lakes, rivers, and streams. Captured rain water can be used for gardens, lawns, washing cars & pets.
So our first art experiences were awesome as well. The local coffee house provides some fabulous acrylic and oil painting portraits. I was able to take a few photos while enjoying a splendid cup of java. Coffee Waves is one of the few local businesses that has remained and built quite a wonderful business. Just as in any small town businesses come and go, ebb and wane, still and flow.  Life continues on as we move forward.  Love to all of you tonight. We are heading

to fresh fish markets tomorrow and Enya is chomping at my heels to write her blog so keep an eye out for hers next.

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