Feb 9, 2015

The Great Melting Pot called Life

How I love the melding of cultures, races, ideas and spirits. We all are one called the human race and we seem to forget this at times. I am reminded of this wonderful mixture while staying in Port Aransas. While visiting Corpus Christi Trace and I had a gentleman, with a very kind face, sit beside us and tell us his (and his wife's) story. They were taking care of his mother in law, who he spoke of with great love and conviction. He must have sensed we were kindred spirits... and you know I think we are. This fine gentleman had a proud aristocratic face, gentle large eyes that teared quickly, and a strong but gentle presence. He reminded me of Trace and was drawn to Trace for good reasons. Trace also accepts others and unless they give him reason to question their goodness is an open spirit.
(On this note I must admit I have made my share of mistakes on judging others but after quiet

reflection I usually kick myself in the ass and move forward:)
Back to my story. This gentleman, by the name of Casey, preceded to tell us about his children. Casey looked to be around late or mid 60s. He had raised three children who were successful and had all moved on in life. His wife often times helped at the women's shelter during her spare time. While helping their she became attached to a mother with 5 children. She has a large heart (as does Casey) and they were soon helping in all manners right up till the day the lady was arrested for dealing drugs. Casey said the children called and they knew, after visiting with the proper authorities, that they must take all five kids. There would be no other way after looking at the tears in these young children's faces (not to mention his wife's tears).
To make a long story short, Casey and his wife adopted all five children and have raised them through great obstacles, of which there were many. Adoption alone is not easy.
I just knew that we had an angel land next to us who felt he had much to share with other wee spirits. He said I have been blessed in my life and I have enough to share. As he got up to walk away something made him turn around and say to us, "Thank you for letting me share my story. I did not know if you would mind for I am Muslim." He is so much more than a word, a category, a definition, he is a human being living in a world that is not easy. We all know in our hearts, in our bones when someone is a good person. We are all facing difficulties and trials in life and thank goodness we have each other.
Once long ago we were all immigrants in unknown lands, trying to navigate life by the same stars that shine down upon every human being in the world. Let us not forget who we once were and how much farther we can go with peace in our hearts. Idealistic perhaps but full of love.
I have included a piece of art that touched my heart.

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