Feb 15, 2015

Unusual Morning

I drifted out the door for my morning gratitude walk. Today  felt different. A half mile out I discovered a live star fish as big as a dinner plate. I released him hoping he would live, dang nabit no camera. Perfect shells scattered at my feet as I hummed along. I sing, I hum, I chant...sure people wonder but that is no problem. The beach is marked with numbers at every eighth mile. At marker 24 there lay a green sea turtle deceased... yes deceased. Deep sadness entered my soul. Yes as a farm girl I'm very aware of life and death. I have delivered calves and babies of all types, I have taken part in cesareans. The mystery of life still lifts me beyond the normal realm of thinking. We were able to call ARK (mentioned in the previous blog) so they could examine the body and record it for the marine center. Bless these people for the work they do.
I wandered home, grateful for life, for salt in the air, for all of you.
I leave you with some images of boogie boarding attempts by me and a frolicking Enya. Also a lovely image by an artist I admire on the island. Her name is Brenda Barnett.


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