Feb 5, 2015

All living creatures

Today was off.. yes strangely off.  I looked to the sky, to the water, to the land where all creatures subside..there, yes there lied the peace that provided calm. As I drove to Corpus Christi, very aware that life can change in a heartbeat, I was aware of the many birds above and along side of me. Among the white egrets and the white pelicans there stood a pink flamingo.. yes perhaps a common sight among the Gulf inhabitants but a mysterious wonder to me..straight out of Alice in Wonderland or some fairy tale. The apprehension of troubles that invade us lifted ever so slightly and I began to breathe, yes just breathe...it is totally free (as I had a dear friend point out to me). 
Life is precious, sacred, timely. Seasons and tides come...go.. flowing from our heart center, from Sacred Mother Earth. We are a part of this sacred flow. Allowing this flow, breathing deeply, richly strengthens our resolve and forward movement. Forward movement allows us the freedom to live life to the fullest. 
Some of the green sea turtles of Padre Island were recently stunned by cold waters. Many are caught, rehabilitated (by warming them up, checking them out and de-barnacling them) and set free. Careful watch, gentle love, warm hearts allowed some to survive. Survival but more than that..sustainability so that many more 

People linked to all living creatures leaving a map of love, of long extended breaths, of release from life's unsettling moments. 

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