Mar 22, 2014

Creations of DNA

There are stairways in our lives, paths that are illuminated as bright as the northern star. These stairways brought you both into my life. You were both a shining star, sunshine upon my brow as a mere teenager and how lucky this shining star was. I will never forget nor put aside the memory of having, raising, and being involved with two souls that the good lord placed upon me. 
I have been so fortunate in my short life span upon this earth. To meet remarkable people, to start a business that evoked the Gods and Goddesses to bless my work, and to be close to the genetic pool that I helped procreate.
How wonderful the opportunity to bring up two souls such as yourselves. Stunning, remarkable, smart, and most important intuitive. You both know that the world is bigger than what is humanly imaginable. By setting intention, by knowing one's self we create the world that we want, that we need for our very sustenance. 
I knew when the lord brought you to my gateway that I had been blessed upon blessed. Now there are doors open for the first time in my life, that are guiding me back to my spiritual path, a path of enlightenment. A path where I can be myself and create from my heart. I know that the future holds gifts and surprises for both of you and for my grandchildren. I look forward to being there, lifting you upon the stairway of life and supporting as needed. 
You are loved and cherished
expressions of both fill my heart. 

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