Mar 20, 2014

The quiet purple sky before me

Tonight, as the sun set, purple hues filled the sky from one end to the other. The negative space between the trees revealed not only purple but glorious alizaron, golden hues, and deep cobalt blue. Reflections hit me between the eyes as a deep sigh escaped my lips. This glorious man beside me smiled secretively as though he knew the secrets of the skies before us.
How fortunate to live upon this earth ... this day of spring equinox... a day of honoring this sweet earth. How fortunate am I to have children, to have grandchildren, to have loved ones who hold me dear... who I hold dear...
This day, this beautiful day.. the one day that exists before me, holds dreams and secrets. My sixth sense says "Be alert, know that your path was destined to behold this sky, to pray for all that exists upon this planet. I am so very fortunate to breathe this very air..."
Blessed are we to live upon this earth....
Pictures exists to remind us

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