Feb 16, 2014

Emotions running like the wind

The sun is shining ... I think I will create
Sleet has hit... tears are brimming
Wind is gale force... emotions surge
Silence... quiet my thoughts and start again
The sun is back... creating once again
Sleet begins... today is father's birthday
Wind is gale force....am I forgetting him
Silence... what time of day was I born

The sun is shining...trying to create
Sleet has hit once more...dad is dead
Wind blows again gale force...frustrations of wanting more
Silence... it will be better tomorrow

Sun, Sleet, Wind... Silence
It mystifies me to why I cannot quiet my  mind as needed. 
I want to totally allow creation to happen
sensations to happen


There is always tomorrow and sleet + wind cleans the earth much as tears + emotions do me.

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