Feb 6, 2014

When the world is too much

Life spins erratically around us and the world feels as though it is too much to handle. The world of technology spits information out so rapidly that we barely have time to think before opinions and a stream of thoughts enters our energy field. The sad reality is that technology is not a substitute for a hug, for a warm smile, for a verbal exchange where we can encounter the actual spirit of the individual.
The reality is that we gain so much more from life by using our bodies to connect with others. How do we use our bodies, you might ask? Our eyes are windows that display emotions, that allow light and love in, that pull down shades when we feel anger and sorrow, that reflect the soul of the person we are viewing. Our ears pick up tones and cues from humans, animals, and the earth that we walk upon. We, just like our animal friends, can sense and feel energies that surround us when we are one with our surroundings (not when we are plugged into technology and TVs). Our mouths can form letters, syllables, sounds, and words that can heal the deepest cuts, music can fill the air from wind blown through our mouths, we are miracles upon this earth. Our hands (as I type) are miracles upon themselves. All the muscles, bones, and fluid that exist in these hands of ours. Our hands can touch, caress, paint, draw, write, express every emotion imaginable and help human kind dramatically. 

Our legs can soar us into the air, leap us across great boundaries, take us on wonderful journeys, and walk our troubles away, not to mention  take our friends for a walk to allow the earth to absorb our troubles. 
Simply put there is no replacement for human contact, for human artistic endeavors, for human bonding other than to use our resources we were born with.
When the world is too much, climb inward and heal. Write, create, dance, sing, cry, run, be silent. Then reach out and share the wealth. 

from snorts and giggles

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