Mar 16, 2015

Enya Says, .. On the Move

My friends:
It’s not easy to explain how I’ve ended up in Arizona. The last thing I remember was taking my last pee on Padre Island.  I was in a hurry because it was colder than Montana on that day.  I didn’t know it at the time but that was my last number in Texas.  I hope I left something behind by which they can remember me. I think that was February and now here it is March. I remember my Momma telling me to “hop it” onto my spot in the back of the truck. I slept alot that day.  After that I vaguely remember a layover in a dirtbag place called Van Horn, TX. Annie and clark seemed to think that place was OK because of its history and orbs where flying everywhere, but since it was March I was nervous and thinking “beware the Tides of March.”  Don’t these people read anything?  I was told the next morning that my snoring was heavy. Oh well.

It’s probably too early to know, but my breath seems softer here in Arizona or wherever we are.  Maybe this desert soil suits me but it could be the minty breath softener biscuits that Annie says are good for me.  I’m not looking to hook up with some mongrel  so I don’t know the source of her thinking about feeding me these crunchies but a snack is a snack.  Sometimes I take a sniff of my own breath and it seems like a good enough match for who I think I am.  The place we are staying has more room for me to plop. I have several couches, two lazy boys whom I call Billy and Bob. Clark seems to think one of them belongs to him but whenever he leaves I make my move.  Furthermore,  I’ll be dipped in cat do-do but the floor tiles here are warm to my belly and most importantly not slippery.  Hatched in the Rockies, like some of you, I like learning about other places that seem to know my name. 

While there’s no ocean to produce the mass contentment that was floating in the clouds on Padre Island, this place has warm air, trees that aren’t from Dr. Seuss, and birds that make Annie go “ooh.”  I don’t know why the birds produce this response in her but I listen when this happens as it surely means something valuable that often escapes me, Listening and watching is a good thing. The only bird I like is chicken because it tastes so good. I really like clark’s bbq chicken. Sometimes I have to remind him to go easy on the sauce, usually to no avail. It seems with a bbq brush in hand he thinks he’s  Annie. I’m pretty sure I saw a lizard when we were walking today. I remember those rascals from last years trip.  I want one for a pet. It  would be cool to put him on a leash, troll him around Tubac and show everyone that I’m a cool lizard master.  I’ve shared these thoughts with clark but he does not always transport my good ideas to Annie.  No matter, I dream of having a lizard on a leash.

It’s too soon to know if I love it here but that’s ok because I know that some things in life take time to root. Speaking of rooting, that’s what I aim to do in the upcoming days in search of the lizard who wants to be my new best friend. In closing, I was reading some of Einstein’s large thoughts today. This was after my people left me behind at the casita in search of something they called a margarita.  Einstein said, “ it’s good to live an unassuming life.”  As for this Bostie, I assume nothing but am grateful for everything.  Double woof to you all.     Enya.

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