Mar 2, 2015

A Fine Welcome

Well we have made it to the lovely Tubac, Arizona with 70 degrees shining upon us and a bright vermillion flycatcher flitting in front of us from bush to trees and back again. I could hear him sing, "paint me, dear Annie!". oh the joy of sunshine and bird songs...
So far I have spotted the black crested titmouse, the white-winged doves, the black chinned humming bird, the white crowned sparrow...the list goes on and on.  My family will giggle for I am learning the names and listening to their songs as well. Ah love nature. Trace had the delightful encounter of the javelina below our bedroom window ah yes, the hilarious get away of the infamous spiky creature. Another great thing I learned today about the bright green clumps growing on the water oak trees.. (Sam will be proud of me)  it's ... mistletoe, which is parasitic... hmm. 
The high desert holds many great finds and secrets and stirs my sense of creativity. I had my grand kids on my mind most of the morning with the youngest turning one and the oldest beginning basketball and growing up so dang fast. All three of them bursting with sunshine, giggles and a good dose of life coursing through their veins. You know life, such as energetic bounds of pulsing life! I began painting this morning and just smiled thinking of the beauty of it all...and then there lies

the written word...spilling forth from my heart, my guts... onto a white surface. 
Unbounded love for all living entities tonight... 
I'm remembering that words empower us, enlighten us, give equality to us and even bring some dignity when needed.... simple words. 

We know not what lies before us but as doctor Seuss says "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."  
I believe in you 

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