Mar 16, 2015

Desert Hunting

Well, we are hunting for the elusive antelope jackrabbit....and hunting, and hunting! So I finally decided to draw one from a combination of photos that I had on hand...a rendering. We did chance upon the rogue roadrunner and his mistress. He was gently cooing to her, quite romantic I must say. It seems that all the birds are in love (or just frisky) right now. The vermillion flycatcher is hovering in midair, like a mad hatter, over his lady friend. She is quite unfazed as she stares at us instead. The doves strut themselves around as if on parade. The hummers, well they drive Enya crazy as they fly up to her nose and stare at her. Romance is in the air. Some amazing sites for you as a full-fledged royal sunset left us with a rainbow over the Santa Rita mtns.....ahhh  lovely. 

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