Mar 30, 2015

Homeward Bound

As we prepare to take leave, packing our bags in quiet ...we are taken with the feelings that arise within us. The birds fill the dusky air with song. It is as though they know is time. 
A quote that came to me today, "We are most alive when our hearts are filled with love and kindness." -unknown author
Our hearts have been filled to the brink with love and kindness. From our families back home, to our beloved friends, to our new found friendships... we are simply overwhelmed with love and peacefulness. We both anxiously anticipate seeing our loved ones. Leaving and knowing that the friendships we have gained will be with us forever more.

 Just as the golf course is set on a piece of history so our lives have been forever changed by new ideas, new vistas, and sparks of imagination from all that surrounded us.
 From the time I was little I treasured being a thinker, reflecting on the big world around me and knowing that each person who entered my life had a spark that could ignite a fire within me. At times this fire was a gentle candle that burned for others, at times this fire was a raging inferno that inspired creative thoughts to explode on the canvas, and at times this fire extinguished the loneliness that existed from childhood and feeling different. 
This large beautiful planet provides great opportunities for all of us. By helping others succeed we succeed. Realizing that we must honor the differences in all and allow the sharing of ideas promotes....thinking! This trip brought that factor home time after time. From taking classes with large brained individuals, to learning about humanitarian efforts, to hearing about lifestyles from around the world we were blessed to share and reflect. The planet is very small and we truly are connected to all in one form or another. Can you just imagine if our kids knew this from a very early age! A quote I just discovered, "The real magic wand is the child's own mind"...Jose Ortega
Personally, I'm still a child and am I ever excited about my magic wand. Can't wait to share it with my children and grand babies!

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