Mar 7, 2015

International Womens Day (and to the feminine side of our men )

I decided to write tonight as tomorrow will be a day of honoring art and the feminine side of life that surrounds us. I have been taking art classes with Roy Purcell...a wonderful spirit full of metaphors, wise words, and a playful spirit. A humble man who has been through much in his lifetime. He came through a brutal world of childhood autism and loneliness. He found comfort in drawing, painting and writing. I stumbled upon his book "Wayfarer" by chance at the local bookstore and was thrilled to take a class. Roy honors the feminine spirit and talks of our intuitive nature that lies hidden in the recesses of our minds. Allowing our unconscious spirit room to create will produce wonders on the canvas....
We chose large scale canvases (2x3') and painted with palette knives (which I love...release!) 

A group of kindred souls releasing wild energy through large bold strokes on the canvas! I included the piece that I finished. Absolutely loved the release of feminine and male spirit. The subject matter is Trace and Enya...soaking up the afternoon sun, breathing in life and allowing troubles room to vanish in the warm stucco.....
It is a moment of quiet vulnerability...a moment of love. 
To all the feminine spirits in my life (whether female or male) thank you for your gifts, your love, your talents and your charms. The world is a better place because of you. I have included shots of the warm Arizona sun to brighten your days. And finally a shot of Roy pushing paint around revealing bold pure magical fun. The joy of learning, for we are never too old. 

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