Apr 16, 2011


As I walk forward I often find that it is difficult to focus... for there is so much to see around us

There is so much to take in, so many questions that leap up in the mind...

This is why I search for quiet, for moments in the now...

Focus on the tasks at hand

Focus on the dreams that play out every night

Focus on the pathway for though it is illuminated.. it will not happen naturally without your help

As I leap forward, I am often times in fear... fear that I might fail... fear that the dream will not ....

Focus, what am I so afraid of ... what could possibly go wrong that would be sooo bad

Focus, let the fear become brilliant radiant heat which would burst into colors all around

Focus, allowing your dreams to happen

As I run full bore into the future... I am thankful for so much love, so much help... so much guidance...

Focus on the love that surrounds me, surrounds all of us

Focus on returning that love so that growth happens in all of us..

Focus on a world where love blooms, where we can be ourselves without qualm, where our children can focus

and bloom


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