Oct 28, 2012

Winter setting into our bones, our minds

Dear Friend
Outside there is a drizzle, sort of like our minds which on any given day contains a drizzle of thoughts that parade through. This week was a quiet one, a queer one, one filled with some oddness. Our day and age of computers and cell phones leads to a sense of loneliness, a loss of connection to others at times. I often feel that this is why so many reach out through networks such as face book. People want some sort of connection where they feel they are being heard and perhaps touched if even through cyber space. Somewhat gone are the days when we gathered at family and friends homes to connect, share, and visit. We simply text (if you feel like it) or put some remark on face book in hopes that someone might respond. If you want to really shock then slam one out there...hmm. I totally understand this for there have been times that I try to fill a void with networks, too. 
Roasted provides a gathering spot for me and hopefully for others. A place to hang and bullshit. A place to visit, gossip (if you so feel), and share ideas. When people come drifting, sailing, ambling through it is non-stop enjoyment to pick their brains (a term from my childhood memories) and dig for gold. For each of us have gold in our heads that is meant to be panned and sifted. Our minds can only hold so many thoughts before we feel like exploding. I often feel this is why some people crack and fissure for they have no outlet in which they can vent and release their trickle of gold (or at times other elements and minerals). You will often times find people who can't stop talking and just spill forth with so many words that it's difficult to comprehend, or you will find a table of people where everyone is talking at once....waiting to be heard. 
I truly enjoy just listening to thought after thought..for there is so much gold to mine. I know that when people feel they are not listened to they often crawl deep within their body cavity and it's then difficult to excavate that beautiful mind full of gold nuggets. Our world has some difficulty dealing with people who contain pain, past memories, or darker visions but it's all a part of this wonderful world we live in and each part makes up the whole. 
We are all connected, humans, the land, all life is connected through waves of energy..
I look forward to hearing your trickle of gold, come in anytime..
from Annie

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