Jan 24, 2015

We are off to see the Great Road Wizard...

Once again we prepare for the open road.It is extremely exciting and engaging preparing for the open road. This January it is quiet and reflective as we pack bags, plot menus, pull out books and binoculars, prepare our bikes, and last but never least decide which art supplies will travel with me! As the quiet, reflective moments settle in I realize I am going to miss not only family but my new home, my studio, my new found friendships. Yes two months will pass quickly but I will miss everyone a great deal. So my writing begins..
My reflections cause me to ponder the connections that run from the North Rocky Mtn. Divide to the South Rocky Mtn. Divide.. yes, there is a connection just as there is a Santa Claus (in my world). I am ecstatic about the thoughts of connecting the energy from Montana to the energy of the south. How that will play out I'm never quite sure but until we ask the questions we will never know the answer. 
I will begin with several blogs a week.. one from the viewpoint of Enya, my faithful black and white friend who (like me) has one eye in the heavens and one eye on earth. This allows her the clear vision needed to keep me on my toes. Just one look from those eyes and I know when something is awry, or calm or perhaps funky. One blog from the birds point of view.. yes I feel they have a point of view so once a week we will have a page dedicated to our marvelous winged creatures from the east. And once a week you will have an artistic perspective coming at you.. please feel free to comment. I will add photos of excitement or wonder. Thank you for joining me on this trip. Much love to all. Till we meet again at snorts and giggles. Annie 

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Looking forward to your updates - happy travels!