Sep 11, 2015


In order to center something you have to completely let go, breath and allow centrifugal force to take over. The spiraling center of a seashell dizzily guiding one to the center...the center of the storm where one might breathe easier. We cannot have a center without the whole (or do I mean hole... the folly of the English language). 

When moments of sadness and confusion enter, as they enter for all of us, I ask myself "why on earth could you be sad, for you are healthy and loved"...but there are times one must be centered for life to even out. 
Breathing helps....I imagine circles of light glimmering in hoops entering my third eye, through my organs, out through my feet...
Then prayers of gratitude for the earth, for it's people, for healing of the sick, for clouds that provide moisture, for small hands that reach out for love, for fresh water to drink, for forgiveness when all seems lost....centering ones' self. My grandchildren provide a center, helping others provides a center, my partner's love provides a family and friends provide a center (just as mother earth does.) So why the spinning tonight...
One feels pain in the air as energy is released, 
one must close the eyes and send love

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