Nov 30, 2016

Ahhh, the Holidays... just breath it in and accept we can not do it all.

I watch and marvel at the sweetness of a child's play...

Remembering that all we really need in life is an active imagination, love, warmth from food & sleep. The rest will work it's way through.

With the exhausting move, feeling unbalanced from no work (artist at work), & the need to feel settled... the grandchildren bring a centered balance that is much needed.
Dear sweet friends knocking at the door, e-mails arriving, and yes even Facebook at times (though it's on the back burner as compared to face to face).

Blessed we are upon this earth, new ones arrive, our elders breathing into their golden years, stories being shared around the fires, snow sprinkles upon the decks. 
I wish for all of you great warmth, love & joy of others this season. 
May imagination fill your soul with sparks of joy &  memories from long ago. 

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