Nov 5, 2018

A Crystal Ball

Images by Annie Allen
I am searching for that crystal ball ...holding keys to all my sacred spaces and thoughts. I am slowly filtering those thoughts that appear in my dreams, sifting through the fibers of memories lying hidden within. 

Dear Crystal Ball, 
               Help me to define my space, define my receptacle that welcomes those who are in need for Annie's Verve, my old space with new potential. 
                     One would it as purpose or passion, perhaps. 
                                 It is the next step of a complicated journey towards an art-driven life. A life of listening to the whispers that arrive on the wind, the whispers that arrive from the sacred box that holds my bones, minerals & treasures from childhood. 
                                            As the mist dissipates I am aware of stairs... stairs to my heart. 
                                                    I thank those stairs, those stars that brought "Ordinarily Sacred" by Lynda Sexton into my life. Due to this marvelous book the filters are lifting one by one. Cocooning... hibernation has begun. 
Definition of receptacle...
Holder of Dreams...
                                                                                                     Container of all that is Sacred,

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