Dec 7, 2018

Life upon this planet... how I love thee

Your journey will be my golden harvest...
I heard this phrase somewhere in the recesses of my mind.
Baking golden refrigerator cookies with walnuts floating in their succulent brown sugar crevices... memories of mom & dad are floating everywhere. They so loved this cookie which I hold in high regard, much like the angels who float over my thoughts each and everyday. I would be gently lost without these angels. Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Ariole... names that float in on the tip of my tongue. They live within my body, within my art and within every part of my abstract thinking.

Looking upon our children I am well aware that their journey is a delightful harvest for my senses. They have sprouted into the most amazing live creatures who planted their seeds with other delightful creatures and wahlaaa!
More sprouts that are filled with so much potential!
Isn't life grand upon this planet. Never lose sight of not only the golden rings but the cookies hot from the oven, the smiles of children and the pure delight of giggles from those small grandchildren! Not to mention the youth that we touch with our lives... how I love thee!
Bring on the cookies!

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