May 8, 2020

Shifts and Evolutions

Storm clouds they are building. Even in that, there is beauty. I remind myself, time and time again, it's all in perspective. The cool mountain air soothes me and calms my nerves. Yes, I walk a great deal. Bless my daughter for always knowing... "Let's go for a walk mom."
My son's beautiful family... they feel miles away (more than the 60 they already are). They help with the family grocery store (and they run a butcher shop) so needless to say they are keeping Trace and I safe by not exposing us. The reality, many families are living life in similar fashion, if not worse scenarios, with possible death or sick loved ones.
Trace I hold him close, he's due for hip replacement. It's severity showing by each passing day, movement is painful... but there again how lucky we feel to be alive and know our kids are safe.
Prayers and energy work are completed every morning, for not only does Mother Earth need it but her living creatures (including us humans) need it badly.
Shifts and Evolutions are needed, are thoughts to be analyzed and put in place. New ways of thinking, of healing, of questioning. Breathing (as a wise friend once told me) is our one true gift on this planet and it's absolutely free. Use your breath to calm, to cleanse and to consider your creative future. 

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