Mar 24, 2021

Enya Says, March 2021

 Enya Says

Hello fellow canines and the humans we own. Well, once again I find myself in Tubac, AZ. We

seem to be acculturized to this place. Kinda like homogenized only different. It’s a sweet little

spot here and the weather seems to fit our clothes. (Skipping over the ocean like a stone)

Thank you Donovan. To date I have spotted no lizards. I know they’re out there as I can smell

them. For Bosties this scent is not fragrant. It’s nothing like huffing a poodle or even a

schnowzer. From my observations of previous trips I’ve noted the crafty roadrunner is undetected.

I’m ok with this as he makes me nervous. He’s just too dang fast for me to get out of

the way and that beak is terrifying. I’m sure he’ll arrive before long as he knows I’m sleeping

here. He haunts my dreams.

I took a road trip with Annie and Clark to Nogales last week. I thought we were going to see the

futile Donald wall and Annie would do some casual graffiti but this was not the case. It was not

a joyous outing for me as they took me to a Vet and caught me off-guard as Annie and Clark

disguised their intent. It appears I have bulging eye syndrome. Not a fatal condition just a pain

in the eye. As a result of this surprise I have the displeasure of eye ointment daily. What we

pooches don’t tolerate for our people. Anyway, I guess this is the stuff that happens as we

push along our life’s trail. On a positive note the vet was good enough and a graduate of

Northern Nogales School of Vetinary something. A plaque on his wall said he had a solid GPA.

The other patients didn’t smell that bad so I tolerated the ordeal, except for that rectal thermometer.

Annie is a good swimmer. We have a pool and I’m told it’s heated. Insignificant to me as I am a

sinker and dare not enter the thing called water. I have entertained the thought but I am a prudent

Bostie as we, like some humans are top heavy. Clark has developed a scoring card for

Annie’s water entries. From what I understand it’s built around 2 scales: 1. Degree of difficulty

and 2. Technical merit. She appears to earn low scores for degree of difficulty but earns mediocre

marks for technical merit. Interpret this for yourself. She makes me so proud. I’ve heard

from Annie that Clark is doing well. Truth be known, I saw him get on his bike and although the

climbing aboard the device looked snaky to me he tottered off and returned home shortly

thereafter. I was surprised and pleased upon his return as he provides snacks Annie does not

think are healthy for me.

I’ve heard my people talk of trips to art galleries followed by something called margaritas. From

earlier trips these outings seem to make humans in these parts loquacious and happy followed

by food and more margaritas. We Bosties are more intrinsically driven I think and less prone to

outside influences such as tequila. Personally, a little chicken broth is heavenly. The days are

blissful and warm in Tubac. Annie applies sunscreen to my tender fur each day and rubs the

excess on herself. Clark seems resistive to this concept and has subsequently blistered his

hide. He calls it a tan. I shake my head at him and wonder. As I have previously written, I like

pretty much all the differences that go along with living here a short time. The atmosphere, the

southwest dog food, the siestas, rides in the truck, blah blah blah. To me the differences aren’t

better nor worse than my beloved Montana they just help me celebrate our sameness.

Vaya con dios, my friends.


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