Oct 28, 2011

Cold on the outside, warmth surrounding my heart

I wish I could release the warmth from my heart into the veins of my loved ones.. a warmth that would fill their very senses with love and courage to take on any task that is put in front of their spirits. I would release the love into their very souls so that they would know they are never alone in any situation, that anything is possible when you are held in high esteem and wonder, and that there is no stronger thread in our lives than the love of family and friends who are always there for you no matter the situation.

Stride forth into the world believing and knowing that you can decipher anything that is laid before your feet. You and you alone can make sense of the journey that has been laid out before those marvelous feet of yours.

Fears, anger, sadness would disintegrate ... dissolving .. away

through love

through warmth

When it is cold outside....

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