Mar 30, 2013

Bluff on the mind

Well here we are in this beautiful, magical country again. It is primitive and quietly reverent with spiritual qualities. We explored for 5 1/2 hours today.... exhausted and happy!! Poochie was one sore puppy. She loved the river beds and exploring for rocks! Then when we ventured out into the sage and thistles her poor pads were going ouch, ouch. But what a tough dog. Proud of her and us. We were so frigging hungry when we got in. We left with one egg and toast, had a bar and apple on the trail. Thank God a cold brew was waiting for us along with some awesome chicken fajitas!!!

The agates were thick in the river bed. Beautiful and bold filled with clarity of greens and oranges. The lizards scampered around us darting through  our pathway as if to say catch me if you can.
The wonderful alcoves were filled with birds of every kind chattering and flickering through. The wonderful thing about this country is that it takes a hardy tourist to come here and hike. Primitive conditions and not many facilities keep most at bay. Unlike Moab where hikes are small and you can tear around in jeeps to see most everything, here it takes an effort and nature holds many secrets around you.
The San Juan runs through camp with tall ridges jutting up across it's very banks. What a blessing! And at night the hot tub waits under the stars with lights twinkling around the stone pathway.

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! That pool of water (in the shot from above) looks like the eye of a dinosaur. Thanks for posting!