Jun 1, 2015


Joyous smiles abounded leaping into my heart from this sleepy western town. Yes...I know that phrase is so overused. Let's see sleepy, perhaps dozy...western, perhaps oater...better yet horse opera! Then the word town, perhaps hamlet...yes I like that. Joyous smiles abounded, leaping into my heart, from this dozy horse opera hamlet. Family, fine food, a hub for fine art and conversation (Latigo & Lace), a western grocery store with all the necessities and of course many eating and drinking establishments! To top all of this off we were introduced to home grounds that my eyes had never seen. Rolling hills, craggy mountain tops, gullies littered with wildflowers, creek beds where birds flitted from one sunny moment to the next, ponds filled with ducks of many cultures living together in harmony, and of course the alien known as antelope. Having grown up in eastern Montana I am always quite joyful to see the sight of a baby antelope. Alas, they were too far for pictures but the vision remains on the big screen in my head. 
Central and eastern Montana display a haunting beauty for the eyes of the beholder. I am always, I repeat always, reminded of my ancestors. Tough scrabble land where tenuous humans place their feet and hearts...working souls from sun up to sun down... making a living, carving out a niche in the big sky country. 
Home Ground and home cooking walk hand in hand. I am never as happy as I am walking the land or soaking up great morsels of food when combined with loving company such as my son Jason and his lovely wife Kezia. 
Another great joy of mine is bullshitting, chewing the fat, picking brains, chit chatting, shooting the breeze about life. What better place to converse than Latigo & Lace, where art fills your senses, great coffee is in the air (Morning Light from Great Falls), and gifts from around the area are to be cherished. While running Roasted I was reminded of the intricate connection that exists between visitors, tourists, locals, small town lads and lasses. These local art shops, grocery stores (such as Allen's Manix Store) eateries and bars provide an area to relax and discuss the life we love here in the great Northwest. Kudos to those who keep it flourishing. I leave you with images of Augusta. Stop and visit, converse, chew the fat...hang out. You will be well served. 

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