Nov 21, 2015

As the Holidays Enter Our Hearts, Earth Sighs...

The Holidays are upon us, hopes of brotherhood and sisterhood enter our daily thoughts. This beautiful earth that we live upon shines tonight.The moon in all her glory casts a blue shimmer on the earth's quiet forest floor. I am watching silently, quietly pondering why my heart feels heavy when I am surrounded by love, a warm home, food on the table and security. The earth, the people, the living creatures upon it's surface feel the uncertainty of war, anger, abuse, misuse of our resources and our love. What can I do? How can I make a difference in these situations? These thoughts float through my head, trailing through my heart... hoping an answer will appear. 
 I know, deep in my heart, there is always hope, there is always love and the holidays (if nothing else) remind us of this love. The need to hear soft music filling the earth with shimmering hope, the need to see beautiful paintings that remind us of the golden light that surrounds us, the need to taste food pulled fresh from the earth's sweet crust watered by the planet we love, the need to touch another human being softly, gently... with honor. 
I, as many of us, continue to believe that love will prevail. Service to others will lift us all. Education will be the key to unlock many hearts and souls. We are blessed to walk upon this planet and call it home. We are surrounded by daily abundance and inspiration, despite the terrible injustice that occurs each and everyday towards humans and the land. 
I feel the presence of God, Mother Earth, Great Spiritual Beings when I look out the window at the moon's glorious beams. Trees reach to the sky searching for the next ray of sunshine, deer silently wander by searching for food and shelter, and I reach for words searching to make sense of it all. 
Blessings tonight to all. 

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