Oct 21, 2016

A Place to Call Our Own: Onward Ranch

I've been searching ...searching for shelter, for love... for the boxcar that would provide shelter from hunger and cold. 
I've been searching...for a place I know ... where sweetness surpassed a cruel world of indifference. A place that held my heart safely from the elements.
I've been searching for a place way over yonder... little did I know that it laid before my very eyes... onward through the pines longingly searching for me too. 
I've been searching for the golden sun shining through the pines... through the aspens with their golden hues...
I've been searching...for a place to call home...way over yonder.
I've been searching ... for worry free panels of glass reflecting my image through the morning rain...peering back was my reflection of love.. 
I've been searching... planting a secret garden where my grand babies, my rug rats could hang, breath, laugh... way over yonder...
I've been searching... the garden of dreams... and along came my soul partner, recognizing my longing... ending the search 
I'm building a place where over yonder, where secret gardens truly exist, where all people can come... play, dance in the sunshine, paint their dreams... breath
Way over yonder
Thank you Carole King, Thank you Trace, Thank you Blackfoot River, ...to coming home

Way over yonder
Is a place that I know
Where I can find shelter
From a hunger and cold
And the sweet tastin' good life
Is so easily found
A way over yonder, that's where I'm bound
I know when I get there
The first thing I'll see
Is the sun shining golden
Shining right down on me
Then trouble's gonna lose me
Worry leave me behind
And I'll stand up proudly
In true peace of mind
Talkin' about
Talkin' about
A way over yonder
Is a place I have seen
In a garden of wisdom
From some long ago dream
Oh yeah
Oh maybe tomorrow

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