Mar 2, 2018

New moon Illumination

Well, the new moon shined down last night as the hummingbird moths floated among the flowers. Wise words were spilled as we sipped the earth's nectars. Perspective on life floats lighter when we are able to escape past our own arena, box, atmosphere. We begin to let others reality spill in. Deborah O'Connor's deep words from her blog touched my hearthstone in the middle of my heart. Her website is Her blog is always illuminating. Respect and nurturance of the natural world, providing kindness for each other, and staying aware for our world needs (NEEDS) us. Period!
This phrase from Deb's writings really touched me: We would all do well to follow suit, to honor what is not flashy nor noisy but is steadily and humbly nourishing us... and then do our best to return something of ourselves, offering our time to what has been forgotten by the thrusting, lumbering, unconscious Zeitgeist. It won't matter if anyone notices your kind gesture. You'll know."
This, this is what I can offer, Saving the world, you say, overwhelming at best. 
Daily reminders of severe cases of cancer, illness, suicide and depression surround us. We are needed in our small neck of the woods. 
Continue to lift one another, laugh together and (for goodness sake) notice the birds, notice the trees, notice the life that surrounds us! You are such a joyous part of this world. I'm honored to know each and everyone of you. Our blogs (Enya and I) will be written weekly, our love will be sent daily and our care will be dispensed always. 
Annie, Trace & Enya. 

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