Jun 10, 2018

Reflecting upon my waters

Hmmm, let's look inside and see if we can truly pick up on our patterns that have caused some mischief along the way... yup they live inside me... way down deep in the bottom of my backpack (knapsack) that I carry upon my shoulders. This backpack has left huge dents in my shoulder psyche along the way. 
The dents, though, cause reflection and insight. Thus balance between light and dark is once more obtainable as compared to ignorance which isn't always bliss due to an active mind and a need to improve my life as I hike along. 
I've been blessed with an active mind... 
or have I...
Still waters run deep and then they bubble to the surface you know. 
This composition is just being finished below. 
My thought patterns: "The Harmony between Worlds, Both Archangels & Dream Angels: Light versus Dark, Harmony versus Discord, and the acceptance of both for Forward Movement"

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