Apr 2, 2018

Enya Says.

Although no one asked asked me, here's what I'm thinking today on this 2nd day of April. Do you remember that 1960's song by Larry Verne, "please Mr. Custer, I don't wanna go." Well, I have adapted the melody to beseech Annie to leave me here and not drag me back to the snow. She's not listening as I can see her loading up our stuff for the return trip. I attempted to plead my case to clark but he's taking a siesta. You should know that I caught my first lizard yesterday. It did not taste so good, this is because it was already dead by the time I sunk my jaws into his carcass.. It was a lizard cadaver to be sure. I did not see the XXXX's in his eyes before I secured him in my jaws. No more lizards for me this year! My Mom, Annie and her friend Traci and her adult child have been here for a few days. They all seem liberated when they are together. I told clark about this observation and he agreed. It's the 3rd time clark and I have agreed in one month. I'm logging it in my journal as I believe it's a new school record for us.

Tomorrow we are loading our rears into the Ford F 150 and heading north to Montana. I can only hope that one of the drivers takes an unanticipated left  turn to the Pacific Ocean. I love the surf. I do not swim well because I am a Bostie....we sink, but the suds on my withers feels good. Annie has a splendid tan and clarks toes appear darker, they both sport their flip-flops well. Here's to you fine citizens of the world.


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