Apr 2, 2018

Life's Blessings

Well our travels are coming to an end for this time period. We were blessed with many social engagements which provided delightful musings, delicious food, tasty drink, and fodder for consideration. Perhaps the old saying "Rest is for the Wicked" could have applied to our vacation. We certainly began to wonder when we reflected on our calendar this morning. Attitude provides great latitude and I'm always reminded through lovely moments that I'm blessed.
This morning, as our loved ones sent gentle messages to be safe due to storms, we were reminded of how fortunate we truly are. We hope to bottle the sunshine up and bring that sunshine home. That sunshine might be a smile, a laugh, a sweet trinket, a memory or a thoughtful gaze. We are bringing these home.
We are bringing home exuberance, plenty of love and hopefully some respite for the weary. As always with travel I am reminded there is no place like home. The land rises up to meet your feet and travel up your legs through your torso to warm your heart. Home is where your heart resides.. pure and simple. 

One of the great paradoxes of our lives is that we are all, where ever we call home,  in this together. Despite beliefs, despite hardships, despite colors of the skin, despite all obstacles...we are in this life together. How blessed are we. 
Love to you all today and everyday. 

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