Feb 16, 2020

Arriving at Another State of Mind

State of mind is a powerful influx in one's life.
A feeling of emotion tied to one's daily chatter, visions, or perceptions.
Humans do create their own vision.
The month of January has produced some tense worrisome emotions over the last 2 years. It has arrived with some medical woes, some disgruntlement with weather proportions (usually an overabundance) and some brooding thoughts that seem to have a life of their own.
Yes, we always know we are fortunate in this world and always full of gratitude but thoughts seem to drift around us like the start of winter cascading into a full blown blizzard before we know it.
Digging out is crucial and a game plan strategy is required.
Thank goodness for Tubac AZ! The game plan consists of getting out of Dodge and making a mad dash for the border ( we don't need no stinkin' walls :)
So having arrived ,letting our hair down with the help of several margaritas and some wonderful Southwest food, we begin to take in our new surroundings.
The first night here ,as the sun was setting low, the great horned owl treated us to his presence. He lives (yes daily) in our large pine tree on the rental property, often times depositing the innards of a rodent on the veranda. Love listening to the night time who's...who's. Our first gratitude for arriving.
Mother Nature always (and I mean always) kicks the funk right out of the ballpark.
The next morning this beauty arrived right outside of our breakfast nook. The brilliant red-orange magnified beside the brilliant firethorn berry bush. The color seeping into the canvas of the cardinal body. 
Life just sends one's heart soaring when you allow the beauty to soak in. I was reminded this morning of the beauty from both areas of our world. My daughter sent out a video (and pictures) of the snowy blizzard that had took hold in Montana. The grandkids were building snowmen, creating galaxies in the house and on the other end of the spectrum the grandkids in Augusta were out scoping and fishing...soaking up Mother Earth. 
Today the Bewick wren (3 of them) danced wildly in courtship rituals, chasing, chattering, scolding and strutting their playful selves. 
It's good to arrive at this present state of mind, on this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth. 

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