Feb 15, 2013

To all earth's creatures God has given the broad earth, the springs, the rivers and the forests, giving the air to the birds, and the waters to those who live in water, giving abundantly to all the basic needs of life, not as a private possession, not restricted by law, not divided by boundaries, but as common to all, amply and in rich measure.
Gregory of Nazianzus
The sun is rising around me as I type. The clouds are billowing toward the sun in earnest hoping to touch the golden glow as it rises from behind the blue gray mountains turning the earth, purple, crimson, peach and soft yellow. God has certainly blessed us with these fine gifts and Mother Nature makes certain that these gifts are at their finest even when we humans take advantage or use her resources in a way that is harmful. I have often times rendered myself quiet fearing quiet ridicule from western roots who did not believe as I do. And, I am of these people, I love these people and my root system. The farm land that sustained us, the animals that surrounded each and everyday with love and security, a father's quiet way of listening (even though I baffled him), two corny wonderful brothers to run and play with, and a mom who lovingly cooked up wonderful food and who played with us at a drop of a hat. Then there were friends of the land, sisters and brothers of the land called Havre who filled my life with love. 
To all of these gentle folks I owe a quiet gratitude of allowing me to be me. I know my connection to nature and to all living things came from this root system. I also knew in my heart of hearts that the land was not mine to keep and that boundaries were not needed if we were honest and loving with one another. But human nature and fear often times steps in and the need to want and to hold, to keep and to protect, to not allow change or growth pours in without us even knowing it at times. Some of this is from way back, perhaps the beginning of time. Humans have always wanted to possess and to be quite honest it seems to be a world of have and have not.  So I rally for what I can rally for. Take good care of this wonderful planet we live on, take good care of people despite race, gender, views, religions, and sexual preference. It is more important to honor the person for being a good person who gives their best to the world around them. 
I wish I had all of the answers. I at least now know I'm entitled to my view points as long as I'm not physically hurting another. I must not allow myself to think I can fix all problems or take on problems that are not mine. What I can do is say gentle prayers and meditations that sacred joy and happiness might fill the lives that are around me, that we be free of constant sorrow, and that we are allowed to find our way in a world of constant change. Change brings such great promise and hope. When I carried my children inside of me I could feel my body changing with new miracles. When the children entered my life ... Jason... Laura... my whole life changed in a blink of an eye. Everyday was filled with miracles, blessings and yes sometimes sadness for we want to protect our young from everything that is harmful. With death, divorce, movement, aging, and many other factors comes (guess what) more change. The constant is Love. I have not lost my sense of love for family, for humans, for the land....     Annie

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