Feb 18, 2013

To my brothers

An ode to my brothers
With love I think of you this weekend. I have flickering thoughts of play, sun lit days, running through pastures, riding our bikes ... all with smiles as wide as the prairie we lived upon. Sunburned skin, hair flying, shorts and bare feet...
Good memories of fun and laughter. Animals of all kinds nuzzling up to us as we lifted their furry bodies to our faces breathing in their scent. Sleeping outside under the moon sometimes in a tent and at other times under the stars just as we were. 
The wonderful Big Sandy creek that stored so many treasures to sift through. Turtles, crawdads, and lots of fish. Cooling our bodies in the summer heat. Searching the coulees and sand bars, searching the old shacks, always looking for unknown treasures. Were there ghosts? Were there spirits to jump out at us? Usually just mice.... with screams of delight. And the old machinery to tumble in to push each other in, until we heard our mom let out a holler... time to get home. Moments of sledding with hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls waiting.. Brand new puppies and kittens being born on beds, in boxes, and all around us... just breathing them in.
I'm grateful on this weekend. The weekend of our father's birthday. It always hits me strong.. and I remember the quiet man. I'm grateful for him, for our mom
for you two. I love you
both so much. 
Life would have been boring without you. 

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