Feb 17, 2013

Lyrics versus Literal

So here's a ponderous question. We are all of different minds and different ways of thinking. This is a given. But often times with reading I find myself looking for books, articles and writings of any kind that is more lyrical and heart based. How does it apply to me, how does it fill my core, and how does it grab me as I read the first paragraph. Now I know I need to give all readings a chance, challenge my brain and step outside the box. 
One of the most interesting thoughts that has entered my mind as I get older (wiser?that is to be discussed later :) is how something will leap right off of the shelf and scream your very name as you walk by. Read me, Pick me up, Lift me into your hands... NOW!!! There are good reasons that this happens. I have learned to listen to these good reasons, for they make a difference when I do eventually read that book or other writing. 
Just the other day Trace and I were discussing Charles Darwin (out of the blue). Now this isn't a name that pops up in our conversations often (though we do have quite the interesting conversations on many things). The next day something popped up on line about Darwin's birthday the day before...now why was he in our thought patterns? I know most people would not even give this a second glance but damn I always wonder about the connections and energy that pass between thoughts and people. It certainly is fascinating. 
How about when we are thinking of someone and wham we hear from them?
It is very lyrical to say the least. 
I'm just not very literal. This does cause some complications when speaking or interacting with others. I tend to daydream, I tend to be thinking of the next painting or writing as I listen to some one's beautiful voice speak. Do I hear them, yes, but it is often times as though they are waking me from a dream as they speak. I have trained myself through teaching to listen more often. Now I think, just get quiet, tune in. My children must have thought... wowza mom... are you there? 
There voices do resonate with me and (believe it or not) I can recall most of their words for they are important. 
We on the whole are people of different skills and levels of listening power, of staying in the moment power. This might (perhaps) come down to the lyrical moments as compared to the literal moments. My mind loves the lyrics... the musical notes of words that enter...beautiful sentiments that pass through. 
Take this sentiment "We are witness to this opening in time,vertical and horizontal at once."... takes one's breath away.
I can visualize it immediately.
Terry Tempest Williams writes of the desert in this sentence...powerful.
Just ramblings from a Havre girl. 

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