Jul 1, 2015

Women Classes and Gatherings

 Birds, Feathers, Foliage… Women 
We will be using procion dyes, watercolor dyes, fibers, watercolor paper, and yupo paper (polypropylene). All supplies will be included. These two classes are about experimentation and discovery. My belief is that we all have a creative center which needs to be expressed.  
You will need to bring a poem, letter, or some written matter that reminds you of the important women in your life. Also try to bring some foliage from the summer, perhaps some feathers and ( if you would like ) some photos of your favorite birds. If you do not have these supplies no worries for I will have some to share.
  I will guide you through the magic of colors and mixing along with the interaction of colors on the different types of surface. There is alchemy involved and patience is needed. There will be times when the dyes dry slowly and you will have to wait for the next step, there will be times when the dye spills over into an area that you didn’t plan for (letting go of control can be good) , and there will be times when happy accidents occur and we will cheer you on!  
I will provide sheets of information about color mixing and suggestions about the fibers and papers with the class. 
 Terry Tempest Williams wrote “We can change, evolve, and transform our own conditioning…. Empty pages become possibilities.” 

Dates: July 9- cost $45 July 10- cost $45 (if both classes are taken cost is $80) All supplies included, snacks and refreshments provided. Time zone- 5-7:30 pm 

I will be sending out information for the 4th Annual Women's Art Retreat through my website, facebook, and blog. The retreat is a three day, two night event featuring several artists in different disciplines such as visual art, sculpture, body movement, etc. Please feel free to request to be on the mailing list for this event. We are considering late fall and possibly landing at either Sleeping Child Hot Springs or Boulder Hot Springs. 
Annie Allen

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