Jul 26, 2015

Here is our art project for the Women's Mtn. Art Retreat in October!!

Lesson plan: Our Center… The Tree of Life 
Discussion of the importance of trees in our lives and throughout history. Several readings will be discussed including Annie Dillard “For the Time Being”, R.J. Stewart “The Miracle Tree” & Sharlyn Hidalgo “Healing Power of Trees”.   
Students (ladies) will bring pictures, photos and ideas for their personal tree of life. What is our center, the core of our existence? Compare the root system, the base, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves and buds with our physical and mental selves.  
The first layer will be the bones of the project. We will use textural sand and gels to build layers of surface to the canvas. I will demonstrate the use of the medium (sand) and the use of tools (such as palette knife). How does the trees surface resemble our own? Is our exterior rough, perhaps guarded or smooth and translucent? The textures will need time to dry. We will begin to pick out our collage layers of natural fibers, papers, & other such material.  
We will use acrylics for our second layer. The use of color is important as it represents you as an individual. There is no right or wrong at this point. I will demonstrate the use of color and discuss emotional color values. Each tree will be created as an individual expression.  
We will use batik and watercolors for our third layer. I will demonstrate the placement of fibers and collage materials upon the surface of the painting. After we are satisfied with our placement we can begin to pour dyes upon sections of our painting. What textures speak to our souls? Would the roots differ from the branches of your tree? Let your life, your individual story reveal itself through the tree. This layer will need to dry overnight.  
We will reveal the painting under the collage. A moment of wonder, perhaps joy or sorrow? The painting can be worked on at your leisure. The dyed fibers can be used in your personal journal for created.  
There is an example below. Blessings Annie  

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