Jul 15, 2015

The Gathering of Women

Oh the gentle gathering of women spirits, the circle of love and harmony. As I prepare for the Women's Mountain Art Retreat I am lifted to a higher realm of love and excitement. 
This crazy, hectic ride we call life does not leave much time for circles to be formed. Brief gatherings at the water hole, in the backyard, or on the street sustain our spirits for a week, a couple of days or an hour. Human contact physically and verbally are craved for. Sharing our stories, listening with an open heart, and looking into each others spirits with compassion is needed. 
The first Women's Mountain Art Retreat provided this circle of love and hope. The retreat has continued to provide a complete circle for many of us (including me). 
The picture above was one of our last gatherings of love and creativity. Each retreat provides something instrumental for each participant. This year the retreat will be held at the Pineview Lodge in Hamilton Montana. The retreat will be October 9-12. I am able to provide a scholarship for a sister that is in need. I am collecting names and contact information from any and all for this lady. We will draw a name from these suggestions and she will be gifted a retreat from all of us. 
There will be a life coach, a yoga master and artists aboard for this retreat. 
As always there will be great food, wonderful drinks and a gift as you arrive (including the gift of spirit). 
Contact me at the following information whether you would like to jump aboard or whether you know of a young lady that could use a circle of love and creativity. The retreat will be $650 for four days and three nights. all supplies and food included. There will be more information by the first week of August. 
Annie Allen

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