Mar 29, 2016

The Answer, my Friend, is Blowing in the Wind...

Here we are, blown home by the wind through sleet, through rain and through thoughts of the land. We silently drive knowing that the land is sinking into our core. There is something to be said about traveling, living in several places during the year. It brings a sense of curiosity about our surroundings, about our past and most definitely about our sense of place that lives within our hearts. Cobwebs of experience fill the nooks of our brains. We gently examine them with love, wipe them away and replace them with similar patterns the next day. 

The first sensation that hits us is the placement of clouds. Thick, heavy juicy clouds looming overhead and around us in varying shapes and forms.
Dripping with moisture and possibilities for the future of the land. 

The skies in Arizona are close, dazzling with stars that seem to burst through the retina. Falling stars occurred several times while I sat beneath the sky. Montana's skies are just as magnificent in their own right with large looming blocks of blues and clouds of artistic shapes drifting by on the wind.
Childlike wonder is aroused.
We soaked up the weeks with good friends, food and drink.

Our animal friends came to visit with and without their com padres. The basset hound Missy would show up at our front porch barking with delight until Enya and I acknowledged her presence. What a delight she is, joyful enthusiasm at our feet! Come play with me! Fred, the red heeler, would show up behind Missy gently wiggling his rear in hopes that biscuits could be shared. As we headed out on the golf course for a walk both Missy and Fred would run for the fresh cow manure pile... ah yes and roll with delight! True friends by every right! 

Sitting on our friend's patios with appetizers and drinks brought conversation about the world we live in. Laughter at the absurdity of every day life, hopes for our children and sharing of our talents with the world. All are equal in these conversations and that is so appreciated. There are no barriers or false pretenses... there need not be at our age. And that is appreciated. 

I'm glad to be home, with new grand babies entering the world, grand babies to soak up, upcoming shows to set up, MAP members to meet and provide coaching, friends to visit with and so many adventures to share. 

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