Apr 29, 2019

Humble Tasks of Generous Nature

Feed the Birds
Water the Earth
Smile upon a Stranger
Reach out...
Lay Blessings at the feet of Angels
Hang your wash and feel the Air
Step outside and Breathe
Wish upon a Star with a Child
Whisper Stories and tell harmless untruths
Be the stream ....Flow
Love Strong, Love Spontaneously
Imagine the Possibilities

As we lose some of our treasured souls upon the Earth may we forever honor them through our words, our actions, our art form & our love. 
To Jean Price, Meinrad Craighead, Lola Arvidson, Darla Ordway, & the Peets. 

To many others whose passing has touched and forever changed us. 
Reach out and ask for a blessing to be sent through art anytime. Call my number 406-431-9479 or email sunnybunny60@gmail.com. This a gift with donations accepted. All art is created on antique handkerchiefs. 

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