Jan 29, 2012


We all live with our sorrows and pains.

We all need compassion to continue and realize that actions from fellow humans is not always aimed at us as much as their own pain that lives inside them.

I am slowly learning that not everyone can show or feel compassion or even give love as we would want them to. It is not always about me or you... as a child I would often think inside "why do people treat each other in such strange cold ways?" "why are people invisible sometimes or confused about emotional issues?" "where is the love?" "what does it take to bring out compassion and lift the veil of human indifference?"

I am here for reasons... sometimes reasons undefined...

I am here for others ...yet how do I revive myself...

Breathe into life know it will all work out as needed

That damn guilty catholic backpack.... guilty no more...

We try the best we can..

We are here for people who can connect to us.... not everyone

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