Jan 18, 2012

Ready to see new vision and new horizons

Well here we are ready for new visions and horizons! For the first time I'm packing up camping, clothes, good food, and a puppy to join a wonderful man in a pursuit to see new land masses! Time to refresh our minds, our bodies and our visions. It's exhilirating and yet sometimes a wee intimidating when I think about leaving my children and grandchildren for a month and a half to two months...

I know it will bring about wonderful changes in all of us but my life centers around my family (and so does Trace) so this is a whole new step in our life together. Possibilities are endless in the search for new growth and education. I think it would be marvelous to find an art center or coffee shop in the area we are traveling to and work a couple days a week! What a great way to get to know about an area and make some cash along the way. Being creative is a spark that keeps me alive and vibrant. Why not share information with other cultures about our piece of heaven in Montana!

I want my family to have this link for Trace and I will be checking in through blogging and photos every week with all of you!! Can't wait to share our journey. Love to all

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Leigh White said...

Have a wonderful time, you two! Nothing ever compares to Montana, but some places do come close-remember, Washington has some nice beaches, too(just not in the dead of winter) Love and safety-God keep you.Aunt Leola PS Dear niece, thank you for getting your dear mom and I back in touch.