Jan 7, 2012


Yes I feel exhausted, exhausted but not so much for myself but for my loved ones, my friends my fellow human beings who deal with such diseases as cancer and other life threatening illnesses.. Yes I know one must plug forth, keep the light shining as we try to understand or perhaps not even understand but accept that life hands many obstacles in our life paths. We are blessed with certain souls on this earth who enter for a very short time period. Would the world be a far cry different if these souls had not been in our life... I think so. I find allowing myself to feel, cry, rant, rave, breath, peer into the very back of my head.. believe it or not... helps.

I have no answers just great love for my fellow people.

The other illness that has surrounded me all of my life is suicide... so many in my lifetime..fellow family members, friends, students, .. the list goes on and on. People enter my life who have dealt with this same illness.. yes we are all drawn together. We need each other, we need to all be touched, hugged, loved and quietly listened to.

Pain is a given in life, it is the treasured moments of happiness, laughter, love that need to be treasured and gobbled up like sugary candy. For pain and sadness follow us in many aspects We need not make more pain and sadness with worry about the future or concern over small items for there is pain enough to go around for all souls. Let us smile and spread some softness where needed..

Heed my own words.. this is why I write...


Stuart said...

Annie, Your words are so beautiful and I think that you are touching on something really profound when you come back to letting it all go and sitting in a place of love for others.

I'll be holding a good thought for you. Take care, Stuart.

Leigh White said...

Dear Annie, your words really touched me-especially about suicide. You are brave to confront that pain head on. I will hold you up in prayers of love, Aunt Leola