Jan 20, 2012

Animal friends

Interestingly enough I was thinking about a childhood memory last night. Strange how things hit us between the eyes as we ponder life and its goofy ways. I have been drawn deep into animal spirits since I can remember. I grew up with them surrounding me, deep sensitive eyes that seemed to know far more than their human comrades. Innocence at every turn. My horse Cinnamon filled a deep longing in me for freedom from the ties that emotions set upon me. This beautiful earth rised up to meet me when I flowed along on her back content with the wind whipping beneath us, the sun spilling forth on our flanks, and the drumming of her hooves as they met the earth in dizzy rhythms. Dogs of every make and color, cats licking us with their gentle sandpaper tongues, birth happening all around on the farm. How fortuanate were we...

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