Feb 2, 2012

I am speechless

Yes some of you say speechless... how could this be. The beauty of the red rock with luscious greens spilling forth from the crevices... and yes not ordinary luscious greens but subtle greens of various hues that speak of earth and long ago. I could not help picking up and examining practically every rock that crossed my path and you might say how did my traveling companion deal with this.. he is of the very same nature. I am flabbergasted...(not sure where this word originated .. perhaps from the bowels of our earth or from someone's bowels..) He is of the same nature, a species who picks up rocks and earth, tree parts and peculiar objects and wonders why, where, how and when?

I am so fortunate... I could go on but just know he humbles me..

We took many pictures.. I should say I did (79 to be exact) can you believe that I was like a little kid... I know, I know... I am

Enya ... what can I say but what a hiker.. she precariously perched upon overhangs... she ran up rocks as though she was made of super powers.. Yes.. she is not normal but exceptional.. like her master and Trace of good nature senses that about us... he he

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed taking them.. what a hike what a sweet earth we live upon.

Love to all


Leigh White said...

You are on your way! Godspeed. Love, Aunt Leola

Really said...

I Love you both - just sayin:) Couldn't be more excited for the three of you what a wonderful gift of each other. xo

annie said...

beautiful/Love MOM